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sprinkles at the most. right now, it's getting warmer, upper 70s and much of the region. reagan national, 77. closer to washington, right now, fairfax, arlington, prings georges, montgomery county, low to mid-70s. a gorgeous day. more clouds around than has been throughout the week. we'll look at the weekend forecast in detail as well as into next week in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we are going to turn to the roads and look at traffic. danella sealock joins us with the latest. there were problems this morning in northern ga virginia. >> i was the bad news bear again today. not so much now. volume is light. let's talk about road work. this might slow you down on i-66 eastbound. you cannot get on the inner loop of the beltway. construction is going to slow you down until 3:00 p.m. the outer loop and inner loop was a mess this morning. not now. smoo sailing. nice and clear. if you are taking the beltway in virginia, no problems there. a live look here on the inner loop and outer loop. you are accident free at this time. pete and barbara, back to you. >> thank you very much. >
who lost their lives 11 years ago. just one of many happening today. news 4s megan mcgrath live on the pentagon where another ceremony wrapped up. hey, megan. >> reporter: that's right. the ceremony just wrapped up here. many family members moved over to the victims memorial, which is closed to the general public, reserved for the family members to have a quiet moment this afternoon to reflect. the ♪ itself was short. only a few people spoke, including president barack obama. that was done on purpose. there was an effort here to keep this event low key and to limit the attendance to those who lost loved ones in the attack on the pentagon. the sunrises above the pentagon ushering in another solemn anniversary. 11 years ago today, 184 people were killed when flight 77, flying low with a terrorist at the controls slammed into the side of the building. >> it gives me chills every time i think of it. unfortunately, this is a sad day, but a day we grow as americans. >> i think people do remember. walking around, people seem to be more somber. i think it's very important that people
. he was working for a private security company. the former navy s.e.a.l. was from massachusetts, he and am bas der stevens died in benghazi, libya. the pentagon is moving two warships. they don't have a specific mission but give the military more flexibility to launch any mission president obama should order. the president won't say if he's thinking of military action but he's vowing justice for the attack. >> what we have to do now is to do a full investigation, find out the facts, find out who perpetrated these terrible acts and bring them to justice. >> president obama has spoken to the presidents of libya and egypt and urged them to continue to work with the u.s. to ensure diplomats are safe. >>> mitt romney is standing by his campaign's criticism of the white house's response to the libyan attacks. right now, he is preparing for a rally. romney will campaign at van dyke park and fairfax. megan mcgrath is live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. you can see all the people that gathered at van dyke park. the candidate himself, mitt romney has not arrived. we are expecting
, sean smith. he was the husband and father of two. the u.s. has not released the other two victim's names. stevens was the sixth killed in office. the last in 1979. keith? >> thank you. stay tuned for more on the violent killing of chris stevens. stay up to date on www.nbcwashington.com. >>> alexandria police are searching for a man who assaulted a woman on her morning jog. she was on the trail around 6:00 this morning. a man approached her from behind and grabbed her. she is working with officers to try to get out a description of the suspect. no arrested have been made. >>> animal control officers in fairfax county say a beaver that chased a group of kids was rabid. the children just finished fishing saturday when they say a beaver started swimming toward the dock they were on. the animal leapt out of the water and started chasing them. an animal control officer eventually shot him. the beaver attacked an 83-year-old woman just last week. >>> turning to the weather now, beautiful. look at that blue sky. >> i'm looking and i'm liking. looking and liking. sunny and mild. storm tea
this weekend's major storm. news 4's megan mcgrath. >> reporter: we're here on south shore road. this a neighborhood with a lot of tall, mature trees. saturday's storm, a lot of those trees came tumbling down. you can see the huge stack of broken limbs. we have a truck, you can see the damage here. just a very scary situation. fortunately, no injuries so despite all of the damage, people consider themselves quite lucky. now, in terms of the power outages, at the height of all of this, there were thousands of people without power. most people are back online, they have their electricity back. in resten, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> i was without electricity saturday night. >> you had to battle through. >> but look at that sky right there. the temperature just -- >> just a little nippy. >> it was this morning, but not now. it's warming up beautifully now. under this bright strong september sun. temperatures right now at just past 11:00. 70 at reagan national. it's near 70s throughout most of the region. elsewhere, here's the wider view temperatures. in the shenandoah valley, into the
residents of one of d.c.'s neighborhoods dealing with an all too familiar crisis, flooding. last night's rain sent water rushing into homes in the bloomingdale neighborhood. residents sa they have had enough. megan mcgrath is there with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see that all of the water is gone, but the telltale sans remain. we have mud still here on the pavement on one sidewalk here. it's become a very frustrating situation for folks that live here. every time we get a heavy rain, the bloomingdale neighborhood floods. for some folks they flooded four times this summer, and it happened again last night. >> i came down here from upstairs. all this water and everything. i stepped in it. it was up to my ankles. >> reporter: alonzo is tired of cleaning up mud and water. this is the fourth time this summer that the rhode island avenue row home has flooded. >> it was coming up through the drains in there. when i went out back to the back porch out there and tried to open it, there was more water coming in there. >> once again, torrential rain caused a flas
. the areas that are in the 80s, those areas will get up into a high of 85, 86 degrees and the areas in the 70s, upper 70s will get up to around 80. look at the cloud cover and look at how it has been thinning around prince william, st. mary's and starting to see the hole in the cloud cover means more showers and even the possibility of some thunderstorms for today. and now mcclain, great falls at 75 and 82 degrees and 81 currently in shaw. your showers just a few right now. those are up to the north and moving away from our area around haguerstown. that heavier pocket there around areas of hartford and cecil county moving away but more for us. the details on that coming up. >> see you soon, thank you, veronica. >>> let's check the midday traffic now and danella sealock joins us with the latest. >> couple things to look out for in the district. traveling northbound on south capital street closed between martin luther king jr. and malcolm x avenue. due to the crash there involving an a overturned vehicle. let's head up this time southbound at arundel mills boulevard, a crash blocking just the l
called a safety issue. decaying trees in montgomery county. news 4's melissa mollet live now in chevy chase with more. melissa? >> reporter: well, good morning, aaron. tree crews are actually here on the scene, just a couple blocks here behind us, but they're waiting for state highway crews to show up here, to start that lane-blocking process so they can begin the tree removal. let me step out of the way so you can see which trees we're talking about here. this is one of five elms that are being taken out. the plan is to have all five of these decaying trees out of here, cleared out by friday. the state highway administration says the trees are a safety hazard. they're trees that have been severely damaged over the years and now marked with red xs. some of trees were hit during car accidents. others have missing limbs. and several cars have recently been hit by low-hanging, drooping branches. they also took note of their close proximity to power line. all of these factors added up and the trees are being taken down. they sit along the stretch of wisconsin avenue between norwood drive
on a team trip. "news 4's" tray sigh wicee wilk more on the investigation and reaction from the community in hyattsville. >> the entire community is trying to wrap its mind around exactly what happened and now we're hearing from parents and also the principal of the school. >> the school community is saddened and hurt by the actions of these few who do not reflect the community. >> it's a private boy's school with a respected reputation and stellar athletic program. now it's dealing with an unfortunate turn of convenients first reported by "the washington post." >> the incident referred to in the newspaper occurred after 5:00 a.m. on saturday morning. the school first learned of it on tuesday afternoon and began an investigation. five students and their families were notified that they would face disciplinary features. >> according to the post five football players are accused of hiring prostitutes. according to the paper, a parent of one of the accused player said the boys snuck the prostitutes in for sex after the last bed check around 5:00 a.m. a source close to the school's investigat
coming back. temperatures in the 70s. mid-70s generally throughout the area and show you how the humidity hasn't come down at all. still in the low 70s and dew point temperatures and air still very saturated. there's the front and head down to the south and could see an isolated shower tomorrow and then we have a better chance of rain coming our way on saturday and 2:00 there on saturday and some showers and maybe a thunderstorm back during the afternoon. but that's the front that's really going to take down our temperatures. upper 70s by sunday. today, 89 to 93 turning partly sunny. your evening forecast, mostly clear, 75 to 82. there's a look at that four-day forecast. keith, pay attention now. 92 today. so, when we get the sunshine, a little bit of heat, 93 on friday and look at sunday, guys. isn't that incredible from the low 90s to 79. it will be beautiful on sunday and next week. the extended forecast next week. >> you know why, i'm happy you said it's clearing up. i don't own an umbrella. >> you're joking. >> i have windshield wipers. you know how they work. >> come join us. you re
. plus, s.t. popular equipment group, spray in bed-liner, and paint and fabric protection. it's the ram 1500. ( cheers and applause ) >> drew: here's how it works. chris is going to play right along with you, and all our contestants today. nice to see you. >> what's up brian, how are you doing buddy? hey, guys. >> drew: nice to see you. so what charity are we playing for today? >> the alzheimer's association. ( cheers and applause ) my grandmother had it before she passed away, and this was like her favorite show of all time. so... >> drew: okay, good. thanks buddy, that's nice, glad you're here. what's going to happen is chris is going to play along with every contestant, okay, talk to them, you can consult with him, whatever you want to do to try to figure out the prices, and whatever the contestants win, cbs and "the price is right" is going to match and it give it to his charity. ( cheers and applause ) >> yeah! >> drew: so everybody is in it together. this is called the money game. i'm going to give you guys the middle number in the price of the truck, it's a one. you've got the fi
one, please. third, this s'mores grilling rack comes with a stainless steel platform and four 12 inch skewers. >> drew: does the price of that start with a two or end with a three? >> ends with a three. >> drew: ends with a three. it is, no, 20 bucks. >> that's okay. >> drew: the crowd didn't like that one. okay, go ahead, manuela. finally, simply flip a switch and add spinning sugar for some tasty cotton candy. >> drew: does the price of that start with an eight or end with a zero? >> it ends with a zero.. >> drew: ends with a zero. 50 bucks. four chips. come on over here. >> yes yes yes! >> drew: say hi to amber, amber, jacqueline, jacqueline, amber. on your way up the stairs there. here we go. one chip at a time, let it go against the wall and drop it until you hit the 10,000 spot, that's what you want, the 10,000 spot right in the middle. 10,000 spot. 10,000, 10,000, $10,000! ( cheers and applause ) >> drew: $10,000. >> yes! oh my gosh! >> drew: one more time. 10,000, right in the middle. down the middle. 10,000, 100. you want 10,000, right there. $10,000. oh. >> whatever. >> dre
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. >> drew: 775. jordan? >> 600. >> drew: $600. merry? >> 901, drew. >> drew: 90 s. 901. actual retail price, $719. jordan. come on up here. welcome to the show. where are you from? >> can kufr, canada. >> drew: vancouver, i love vancouver, you have a lot of nice things there. what do you do there? >> i do media sales. >> drew: media sales, well, you probably do a lot of sales calls, right? george, what can we do for him? >> george: a new truck! ( cheers and applause ) it's the ford f-150 styleside regular cab xl. includes a 3.7-liter v-6 engine, xl plus package and decor group, plus paint and fabric protection. it's the ford f-150. money game. wee got nine numbers to choose from, first two and last two. all you have to do is pick them out and you can get four wrong and then the game is over. pick a number. >> let's go with 23. >> drew: 23. right in the middle it is. no. >> 25. >> drew: 25. you got it. 25 it is. you're in good shape, jordan. one, two, three wrong before the game is over, seven numbers to choose from. >> 58. >> drew: 58. the year of my birth. no. >> 94. >> drew: 94. no! oh, m
and applause ) it's the nissan sentra s. this compact sedan comes equipped with a two-liter engine, splash guards, keyless entry, and power windows, plus paint protection and auto armor. it's the nissan sentra. >> drew: five numbness the price of the car. look what we've got here, seven cards. you have to pick each card for the right spot. tough to do, right? but we're going to let you stack the deck in your favor by letting you pick the price of these prizes we have on the display there. each one you get right you get to pick a number, so you can fill up the three numbers with only two more to go. but you have to be really careful on these ones over here. let's start with the energy shot and the pasta sauce, george. >> george: this energy shot is formulated to keep you going. francesco rinaldi, where excellent pasta sauces are like good friendships: both start with only the finest ingredients. francesco rinaldi: made by italians, enjoyed by everyone. >> drew: 299. is that for the energy shot or the pasta sauce? >> i'm going to go with the pasta sauce.ä >> drew: 2.99. pass a sauce. it is
, at the cliff house. this aaa four diamond award- winning inn is decorated in the style of the late 1800's, complimented with modern flair and luxury. relax by the fireplace or enjoy dramatic mountain views, from the cliff house at pikes peak. plus, you'll receive two pikes peak plus passes, which include a half day white water raft trip, entrance to museums, popular spots, and more! >> drew: thank you, george. this game is called switch. the trip to san francisco, 4,948 that's the price we have over there. the trip to colorado we have priced at $6,963. are the prices correct where they are, or should we switch them? >> i'll stay. >> drew: she's going to keep them right where they are. one, two, three? oh, i thought you had it. ch >> drew: welcome back to "the price is right", everybody. hey george, who's next, please? >> george: it's chrystall friedemann, come on down. you're the next contestant on "the price is right." ( cheers and applause ) >> drew: crystall! welcome to the show! george, next prize, please. >> george: next up, it's a collection of beach gear. ( cheers and applause ) th
-surface. s.c. johnson, a family company. >> george: closed captioning paid for in part by the following: ( cheers and applause ) >> drew: welcome back, everybody. shadd, go ahead and spin the wheel, everybody is on the comeback trail today. shadd missed out on a nice trip. want to say hi to somebody? >> i would like to say hi to my wife, brittney, my brother-in-law, nevel, my sister-in-law, tiffany, steve, dan, cindy, carol, ruth, linda, bill, my mom, wanda carlson, my dad, ken. >> drew: all right. 65. that's a tough one. ( audience yelling suggestions ) >> i'll spin. >> drew: okay... okay. i don't know what i would have done. i might have spun, it depends, because you are first and it is a 65. but it is still a pretty good number, so i'm back and forth on a 65, that's a 50/50 call for me. just because of the position you are in, because you are first. it's going to be a dollar! ( cheers and applause ) that is a dollar! ( bell rings ) >> yeah! >> drew: what a good decision, that was. nice! $1,000 bonus for shadd. abby, you need a dollar. we've had double dollars before, we've had double
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